[LAU] screencasting with ffmpeg

Rustom Mody rustompmody at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 17:50:37 UTC 2010

>> That is because you're trying to capture a 1280x720 screensize with
>> ffmpeg while the Xephyr screensize is 1024x768.
> Ok matched the resolutions.
> The segmentation fault remains but all the other X error stuff has gone

Well the seg fault has gone but now I am getting

[x11grab @ 0x9bb2c30] device: :2 -> display: :2 x: 0 y: 0 width: 1024
height: 768
[x11grab @ 0x9bb2c30] shared memory extension  found
[x11grab @ 0x9bb2c30] All info found
[x11grab @ 0x9bb2c30] Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
Input #0, x11grab, from ':2':
  Duration: N/A, start: 1288979305.393176, bitrate: 754974 kb/s
    Stream #0.0, 1, 1/1000000: Video: rawvideo, bgra, 1024x768, 1/30,
754974 kb/s, 30 tbr, 1000k tbn, 30 tbc
/home/siva/screencast/screencast_video_20101105-23h18.mkv: No such
file or directory

Tried sticking in a -t in at different points in the command line to no effect

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