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Harry Van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 13:29:12 UTC 2010

Hey Batz,

You didn't mention much in regards of what your sampler needs to do? Does it
have to be LinuxSampler?

"Specimen" is a sampler that is quite simple and good for live stuff
(although I'm not sure if it will run headles... ?)

Apart from that, I'm not sure if you a coder, but sample playback is pretty
easy stuff.. I've written one in C++ with an OSC interface... (its *NOT*
tried & tested stable 100% software) but hey, it works here without crashin!
If your intrested then you're welcome to the source-code, its GPLv3 anyway.

Perhaps you could tells us about the FX too...? Jack-Rack running some
Ladspas? LV2? Or does it need to be built into the sampler?

Cheers, -Harry

PS: For the external controller your talkin about

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 1:02 PM, Batz <batzman-lau at all-electric.com> wrote:

> Y-ellow fellow life forms.
>        My name is Batz Goodfortune (Yes that really is my name.) I'm a noob
> here but no stranger to linux or audio. Having been working in electronic
> music for some 40 years or so. However I find myself in something of a
> `situation.' Put simply. I need a sampler.
> What happened to all the nice, solid hardware based instruments of the
> world?
> Anyway, I was rather hoping to have something up and running by Christmas.
> That's obviously not going to happen and if I MUST use software, Prey it be
> Linux based. Which would hopefully be somewhat less likely to fail me in
> front of an audience.
> To that end I have joined this prestigious group of pioneers in order that
> I might do a slight amount of brain picking if I may? Before I start
> dedicating any hardware to the task. Which won't be as simple as it may at
> first seem. But I'll get to that.
> I'm aware of the linux sampler project. I'd like to know how much CPU power
> is bare minimum for 16 MIDI channels and at least 32 voices. Plus FX. If
> it's going to require a dual or better processor and a g'zillion gig of RAM
> then this is not something I'm going to be able to muster any time soon.
> However if it would run on a tiny VIA processor/mo-bo, then I have a few I
> could muster. And eventually stick into a 19" rack box et all.
> How easy would this to get running under slackware? Slackware has been my
> weapon of choice for a long time. But mainly for servers and the likes. I'm
> at home with slackware but I'm more of a consol person than GUI. KDE/X chews
> lots of grunt on it's own. So I'm kind of expecting the answer to be no. But
> it would be convenient if I could get it to work on one of these tiny
> platforms I have.
> And sound card VS onboard sound? Would it be remotely possible to tune a
> system to get away with using the on-board sound on one of these Mo-Bos? I
> think I have one that even sports S/PDIF. This would be helpful in that it
> would help reduce the physical size of this thing. If not, can we use some
> kind of cheap USB sound? I need VERY low latency for live work obviously.
> Ideally, I'd like to squeeze the whole thing into a single U 19" rack
> enclosure. Either with one of these tiny Mo-bos or if I have to, buy a
> second hand lap top and rip the display off it. Some kind of arrangement
> like that.
> All driven by MIDI with a generic USB MIDI interface.
> These are just my thoughts so far. But essentially I need to make some kind
> of turn-key system that's giggable. If anyone has any thoughts on this and
> would allow me to benefit from your experience, I would be most grateful.
> Offering my first born in thanks.
> being a hardware person, ultimately it would be nice to build a hardware
> front-end at some point. A nice little LCD display on a front panel perhaps.
> But for the moment, I'd be happy with a powerful sampler in a tiny box. So
> if anyone here would be happy to point me in the right direction, I would be
> grateful.
> Thanks in advance and thank you for having me in your mail box.
> be absolutely icebox.
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