[LAU] How to reduce bass in the building

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 16 20:31:11 UTC 2010

Hi Philipp,

Have made this here and it's ok for my ears (and neighbors don't 
complain !) :

Top of the shelves are just upon the head when sit.
Distance between speakers "center source of sound" are the same than 
distance between nose and each speaker.
Between the wall and the support of the shelf : rubber slices (some kind 
of 4mm "plumbing joint") crossed by bolts.
Between the support and the shelf : rubber slices again (call that the 
cheap "silent-block bolt"))).
To angle the speakers : a 5cm wood cube, so the speaker rest on its 
front edge and on the wood edge (less contact surface = less vibration 
PLUS, you can add somme rubber under the edge of speaker and wood, in my 
case not necessary.

Of course, if your kids, cats, dogs, or drunk friends are supposed to 
jump around the room you put the speakers in, I will not recommend to 
have speakers in that kind of position 60cm above your keyboard and 
audio gear... without addind a "security chain" (big steel cable with 
some plastic around) between the speakers and the wall (have done that, 
using 1 "bolt nut" of the speakers' back). In other situations, if you 
don't exaggerate the angle (means calculate the size of the wood cube) 
it will probably be ok.

HTH, some words are between " " because not sure of translation !

Philipp a écrit :
> Hi there,
> I need to reduce the loudness in every room except the one with
> speakers. The issue seems to be mainly bass frequencies, which is hardly
> a surprise. Physically decoupling the speakers from the walls would be
> the most appropriate solution in this specific case. Currently some
> speakers hang while some sit on wall-mounted boards.
> What's the best but still reasonably easy/cheap way to decouple the
> speakers?
> My guesses so far:
> a) hanging is better than wall-mounted boards
> b) decoupling actually helps, at least a bit
> TIA for any comments
> Regards,
> Philipp
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