[LAU] Sampler project. First volley of questions

Batz batzman-lau at all-electric.com
Thu Nov 18 09:25:47 UTC 2010

Y-ellow All.
         Seems I've exhausted all hope of getting the A4000 running so I 
need to start planning out a system for a linux based sampler, sooner 
rather than later. So I'm hoping I can glean some initial answers here.

Firstly I need to know if it's wiser to go to a 64 bit or 32 bit distro of 
Slackware? Assuming of course I get a suitable 64 bit capable mo-bo.

Second question. Is it possible to get extremely low (read real-time) 
latency from an on-board or el-cheapo sound card, or do I have to look for 
something specific? If so is there a list of preferred sound card/devices?

I have some older Hoontech DSP24 cards kicking around if they would 
suffice. These were quite a respectable card in their day and have more 
than what I need. IE: S/PDIF I/Os. Although if I end up using a lap top 
mo-bo then I'll need to buy a USB or PCMCIA or something?

It would be nice if I could get away with on-board sound though. You can't 
do that under windows even using ASIO drivers but perhaps there's a trick 
under ALSA? The reason I ask is that I've got a bunch of teensy, tiny VIA 
based mo-bos. All-in-one. And they'd make a great little synth. Even if it 
was only a mono-synth. Obviously not powerful enough for my immediate needs 
but it would be somewhat cool to press these things into service as a small 
linux based synth.

Thanks in advance. Very much appreciated.

be absolutely icebox.

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