[LAU] Made with Linux: Groovy House

Oliver Jaun olijaun at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 18 12:46:28 UTC 2010

Dear all
After using a Mac for my music stuff for many years I finally switched 
completely to linux some time ago.
This year I participated once more in a German Remix Contest. The track that had 
to be remixed was from a band called "Efrat Darky". The contest allows to work 
on the remix for 24 h. So you will notice that I had almost no time to mix it 
I used Ardour to record Bass and Guitar. The drums were made with Hydrogen. The 
piano was recorded with Rosegarden. The piano sound comes from linuxsampler. In 
the end I "compressed" it a bit with Jamin. The only thing used from the 
original was the vocal track.
You can listen to my remix on:
The page is horrible... everything is done with flash... but don't blame me... 
On my machine sometimes the page isn't even displayed correctly. I was lucky to 
eventually be able to upload the result with linux.
You have to go to Wettbewerb -> Gewinner. Then you have to click on 
"Goldgewinner". You can find me somewehere in the beginning. My name is Oliver 
Jaun (user number 3944).
Sorry for the inconvenience ;-) The page gets worse every year...
The style could be described as "Groovy House".
I would like to thank everyone involved in Linux-Audio for the great software 
that allowed me to create this song!

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