[LAU] Yet another HDA problem

Alexandros Diamantidis adia at hellug.gr
Tue Nov 30 19:08:26 UTC 2010

* R. Mattes [2010-11-30 19:48]:
> I strongly suggest using 3 periods instead of 2.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I had tried it and both sounded
distorted, although it sounded different in each case.

But to confirm that as soon as you post a question you find an answer,
the problem manifests itself at 44.1 and 48 kHz but not at 88.2, 96 or
192 kHz. It seems to run fine with -r96000 and -p64 -n3 or -p128 -n2,
although I haven't stressed it yet. With -p64 -n2 I got xruns again.

I'll report back if there are any further complications.

Thanks again!


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