[LAU] [ANN] QjackCtl 0.3.7 released!

rosea.grammostola rosea.grammostola at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 20:12:39 UTC 2010

On 11/30/2010 08:02 PM, Rui Nuno Capela wrote:
> JACK Session managerism...
> This might well be ahead of its time. And probably is. JACK session
> infrastructure and its promised functionality is still dormant in
> subversion source pits. However, good news are, no matter which flavor
> you pick, either JACK1 (>= 0.119.2) or JACK2 (>= 1.9.7), both already do
> it all to the promise. However still on their respective SVN trunks though.
> Maybe this very announcement will get that all loose and out of the dorm
> ;) At least, I'm trying.
> Meanwhile and until that ever happen, QjackCtl will be already here even
> though its JACK Session manager(istic) features will be just lurking to
> get out of redundancy. Fact is, this new source won't do much better
> than that of good old Patchbay, if compiled with existing JACK package
> distributions (latest are 0.118.0 and 1.9.6, respectively). Nor even
> close. Actually, only when it gets ever compiled and built against a
> current JACK Session API it will take off. Fly high or low, you may ask.
> Well, may I say, it will only fly as high as many Linux audio
> application developers will do to embrace the daunting trouble of adding
> a few dozen lines of source code to their creatures. And to their help,
> chances are that Torben Hohn already has all the starters ready (ask
> torbenh on #jack @ irc.freenode.net; maybe he still has some fresh git
> repo/patch on the fridge:). Then again, this very announcement is being
> kind of a heads-up. Avast ye LADs!
> Anyway, there are a few new tricks this old dog have been taught,
> besides putting the carriage before the horses, nevertheless... :)
>      QjackCtl 0.3.7 has been released!
> That's it. Well, the uber-procrastinator sometimes gets over it.
> Sometimes :) Maybe there's a fine distinction between elegant
> procrastination and being just lazy. Tradition still rules: lazy enough
> to procrastinate no more :)
> Website:
>    http://qjackctl.sourceforge.net
> Project page:
>    http://sourceforge.net/projects/qjackctl
> Downloads:
> - source tarball:
>    http://downloads.sourceforge.net/qjackctl/qjackctl-0.3.7.tar.gz
> - source package (openSUSE 11.3):
> http://downloads.sourceforge.net/qjackctl/qjackctl-0.3.7-1.rncbc.suse113.src.rpm
> - binary packages (openSUSE 11.3):
> http://downloads.sourceforge.net/qjackctl/qjackctl-0.3.7-1.rncbc.suse113.i586.rpm
> http://downloads.sourceforge.net/qjackctl/qjackctl-0.3.7-1.rncbc.suse113.x86_64.rpm
> Weblog (upstream support):
>    http://www.rncbc.org
> License:
>    QjackCtl is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of
> the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.
> Change-log:
> - Session widget has session save type preserved as well.
> - Connections and the new Messages/Status widgets now have their last
> open tab preserved across program run-cycles.
> - Connections and Patchbay widgets have been finally given up on an old
> feature request: an Expand All items button.
> - A significant UI layout has been made: the Messages and Status widgets
> were merged into one, giving space to the brand new Session wigdet to be
> easy accessible from the main panel control window.
> - libX11 is now being added explicitly to the build link phase, as seen
> necessary on some bleeding-edge distros eg. Fedora 13, Debian 6.
> (closing bug #3050915).
> - Input/Output latency options were missing but now finally enabled for
> the firewire back-end.
> - General standard dialog buttons layout is now in place.
> - Avoid pre-loading a stalled patchbay definition filename and its
> nagging error on startup (fixes bug #3017078).
> - Client connection retrial logic scrapped. Being a leftover from early
> ages, when machines were slower and JACK server startup times were
> longer... now, if it can't connect first time as client, it will tear
> down the server whether it's starting up still or not at all. (cf.
> Setup/Settings/Start Delay for the rescue).
> - Server name is finally part of the server settings presets, thanks to
> Fons Adriaensen for the heads-up.
> - As a workaround regarding issues switching jack2's backends, Robin
> Gareus sends us yet another D-Bus metho slot: "preset", (dbus-send
> --system / org.rncbc.qjackctl.preset string:PRESET). Thanks again.
> - Another D-Bus interface slot makes it through implementation: "quit"
> (eg. usage: dbus-send --system / org.rncbc.qjackctl.quit). Besides,
> there's also these new JACK session management actions which were being
> overlooked as well: "load", "save", "savequit" and "savetemplate" are
> also available as D-Bus method slots.
> - Make sure that Patchbay socket names are unique when adding or
> copying, fixing previous patch by Dominic Sacré.
> - JACK version is now being shown on the About box (jack2).
> - Slight Connections widget behavioral change: (dis)connecting a client
> (from) to one single port, (dis)connections will be applied in sequence
> from (to) all client output ports to (from) as many input ports there
> are in below, one by one (satisfying a 5 year old request from Yann
> Orlarey, thanks:).
> - JACK session support is being introduced.
> - Ignore first XRUN occurrence option dropped from statistics.
> - Initial widget geometry and visibility persistence logic has been
> slightly revised as much to avoid crash failures due to wrong main
> widget hidden state.
> - Double-quotes are now being added to device names which include blank
> characters and were rendering invalid all command line invocation of the
> classic JACK server (eg. specially due for Portaudio device names on
> Windows).
> - Transport play (rolling) status is now being guarded to avoid
> backfiring from extraneous transport state changes.
> - General source tree layout and build configuration change.
> - Italian (it) translation added (by Sergio Atzori).
> - Post-shutdown script invocation logic slightly refactored in attempt
> to enforce its execution on application quit.
> Enjoy!
Thanks for your work, as always!


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