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Sun Oct 3 10:41:30 UTC 2010


Seeing as we have the ability, we'd like to record and mix @ 96Khz but
my band mates internal laptop sound chipset can't do any better than
48Khz hence he can't use it for mixing and he's looking out for
something that'd work well with ALSA thats guaranteed to be able to
run JACK (at least for playback) at 24-bit/ 96Khz.

Essentially I'd like two recommendations for this- a real budget
device that just has audio out (maybe 35mm input too) but also a
slightly more costly alternative with a phantom power capable XLR mic
input should he want to do overdubs at home.


On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 7:24 PM, Michael Weaver
<michaelweaver1 at btinternet.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> my name is Michael and I am a newby to this list as someone on the Orca
> list pointed me in the direction of this list as regarding a question I
> have.
> I am running Ubuntu Lucid and was using Audio CD extractor for
> extracting tracks from CDs.
> I have one CD of a 2 disc set where only the first 10 tracks on the
> second CD only want to be extracted to my music folder.
> When I look at the check boxes in Audio CD Extractor I see all of the
> check boxes checked apart from track 11 which doesn't appear at all.
> I use the Orca screenreader and when I read the table with the arrow
> keys I have track 1 check box checked, track 2 check box checked right
> up to track 10, it doesn't say any status for track 11 and the next box
> appears as track 12 and that is checked down to track 19 which is the
> list track on that CD.
> I notice that I get a message about the album not being recognised by
> Music Brains or something and possibly asked if I want to submit the
> album for adding to the database so I am wondering if this is the reason
> while only the first 10 tracks are converted and sent to my music folder
> so I don't get the whole of that CD when I copy the contents to my
> Plextalk player.
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