[LAU] Yoshimi

cal cal at graggrag.com
Tue Oct 5 13:26:57 UTC 2010

On 05/10/10 21:52, fons at kokkinizita.net wrote:
> Hello all,
> Installed Yoshimi Black Belt Edition 0.061-pre7 today.
> Compilation and installation went fine, but loading any instrument
> produces either a segfault or something similar to:
> [ ... ]
> Any hints ?

The 0.061-preX's suffered from an interesting affliction - they consistently
segfaulted on startup for everyone except myself (and one other person). By
the time I got to pre7, I pretty much panicked, abandoned all hope, sulked
for a week and decided to settle for just adding jack session support to the
current stable 0.058.1 as a more productive pursuit.

With pre7, it's possible, but not entirely certain, that I've resolved the
startup segfault, but it now explodes on instrument loads. Ignoring that for
a moment, my real problem with pre7 is that it _doesn't_ actually solve the
midi latency issues I was trying to address, rather it just affirms the
limitations I covered in the LAD "midi jitters" post.

My advice for dealing with Yoshimi Black Belt Edition 0.061-pre7 would be:-
    Run away! Run away!

Time to take that code off line before anyone else gets drawn into wasting time on

cheers, Cal

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