[LAU] [OT] hardware sound module with digital output

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Wed Oct 6 16:23:52 UTC 2010

Charles Fleche wrote:
> I was randomly looking at current hardware synths, noticing than most of 
> them offer only analogue outputs. It looks odd to me to generate a sound 
> in the digital world, then convert it to analogue, just to convert it 
> back to digital at recording time... If analogue output is obviously a 
> must, I'm wondering why, even in very expensive keyboards where cost 
> saving is a smaller issue, an AES/EBU (or at least a S/PDIF) output is 
> not available.

I'd guess that these devices are not meant to be used in a studio but
for live performances.

There are hardware synths like the Edirol SC-D70 that have a digital


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