[LAU] USB soundcard recommendation

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Fri Oct 8 06:07:53 UTC 2010

Joshua Boyd wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 04, 2010 at 09:59:26AM +0200, Jeremy Jongepier wrote:
> > Supported USB2 cards that I know of:
> > - Cakewalk by Roland UA-101: http://www.roland.com/products/en/UA-101/
> > - Edirol UA-1000: http://www.roland.com/products/en/UA-1000/
> > - M-Audio Fast Track Ultra:
> > http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/FastTrackUltra.html
> From what I've been able to find, you have to jump through some hoops to
> get that last device working.

The latest ALSA snapshot has some jumps built-in, but there are no
mixer controls, and playback has regular burps because the sample clock
isn't properly synchronized.  This device needs a separate driver, like
the UA-101 already has.

The E-Mu 0202/0404/TrackerPre are also supported (playback and capture
should work), but I don't know the overall status.


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