[LAU] OT: C or C++?

Tim Clewlow tim at clewlow.org
Thu Oct 14 00:28:46 UTC 2010

> Hi list!
> Sparing you a lot of useless back story here, but for fun a for
> personal amusement (NOT for serious work), I'd like to start
> learning
> a programming language.  If I'm gonna learn one, I might as well
> learn
> something that gets a lot of use in the open-source world.  So which
> one to choose?  C or C++?
> Josh

Perhaps consider learning both. They are very closely related, as
far as languages go, as you may have guessed from the names. If you
learn C to begin with, then, C++ is like adding extra words to the
existing C vocabulary.

Note, most programming languages are very similar in terms of the
concepts they describe. So once you have learned one, the rest come
much more easily..

HTH, Tim.

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