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Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sun Oct 17 18:36:54 UTC 2010

On Sunday 17 October 2010 15:53:22 fons at kokkinizita.net wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 03:11:03PM +0200, Arnold Krille wrote:
> > I successfully
> > used it to play ambisonics files within jack. While it normally does
> > auto- connect to the first hardware-outputs, it can be told to connect
> > to any other jack-client or to none at all...
> The way mplayer selects the ports to connect to is the
> most useless I've ever seen.
> It will connect to the first N ports that match a pattern.
> The order depends on how jack lists them, and that is
> undefined. The chances that you get the 16 channels of
> a 3rd-order file connected correctly are virtually zero.

Okay, I only tested first order...

> Manual connection is an option of course, to be repeated
> for each file (if you play multiple files with the same
> command it will 'reconnect' between them.

That re-connect is a real pity with mplayer.

> Since the part I'm missing most is playing CDs it looks
> like I'll just add that to my own jack player, or write
> a separate one. Looking at the alsaplayer code it seems
> simple enough.

There should be libs out there that already give you access to the digital 
data on the cd.

I know you hesitate but if your player really fulfills these given tasks, would 
you mind releasing it?

Have fun,

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