[LAU] benchmarking your audio system

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Oct 23 11:32:09 UTC 2010

On 10/22/10 23:24, Joan Quintana wrote:
> I had the idea in mind to test my machine (and trying to benchmark the tests), loading the session with a chain of JACK clients, in order to know the limits of my system and in what conditions the system is stressed, and when I would have more chances of XRUNS.
> The chain would be something like this.
> *playing a midi file with Rosegarden (a midifile full of tracks)
> *fluidsynth as a soft synth, loading a heavy soundfont.
> *JACK RACK for LADSPA effects (load several processor consuming effects)
> *recording the session into Ardour, at the same time that monitoring the output to the speakers
> Meanwhile I will monitor the system performance (processor & RAM).

That's required for the test, not for the result.
Basically you want to test _reliability_ and _determinism_.

At some point all CPUs should be at 100% and you even want to exceed the
physical memory-limit so that the system starts to page/swap. On a
properly set-up RT audio-system there should be no dropouts.

> (I thing that Conky System Monitor would do the task of saving a log
> file for later parsing).

I don't know conky, but 'dstat --output <file>' might be handy, it can
write CSV value files that are easy to parse for evaluation.

> I don't know if it is possible to fetch the number of XRuns from a
> file or log.

If you start jackd 'yourself': you can use a regexp as qjackctl does
(Setup->Options->Capture stdout):
 /xrun of at least ([0-9|\.]+) msecs/

If you use jack2mp with dbus enabled you can grab them from

> Questions:
> -how can I stress even more this test?

Add some disk-I/O (`updatedb` or `find /`) and a couple of random
unrelated tasks that cause context-switches (download sth, read email,..).

> -is it possible to make this process standard, searching for a general method trying to say if this machine, this configuration or this OS is better than other?

a prerequisite for that would be that it's an automated script (+ some
predefined session files for rosegarden, ardour, redistributable
sound-fonts, etc) and verifiable output.

So that one can run the full benchmark a couple of times.

> -is there something left that I need to take into account?

Maybe test with different jack buffer-sizes/latencies.

> -is all that a good idea?

yes. It'd be a good thing to run before taking a setup on stage or to
some recording session :)

> thanks (this is just an idea, I won't have time in two weeks to implement something similar).

Rome wasn't built in a day. I suggest to make it modular so that
additional tests can be added later.

> Joan Quintana
> www.joanillo.org 


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