[LAU] Midish for jack?

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Wed Oct 27 08:54:25 UTC 2010

Hey Alex1
   It sort of worked. It involved a few commands and it wasn't too flexible 
tempowise, but I was able to sync midish to Ecasound.
   This is the script I used to start all the necessary commands (it uses GNU 
screen, to start all of them on one terminal):
echo "Wiping old/dead screens..."
screen -wipe 2>&1 /dev/null
echo "Starting new screen session: audio..."
screen -d -m -S audio
sleep 1
echo "Starting jackd..."
screen -X -S audio screen -t jack-daemon -p- -- jackd --timeout 4500 -R -d alsa -d hw:1 -r 48000 -H -p 128 -z shaped
sleep 1
echo "Starting a2jmidid..."
screen -X -S audio screen -t alsa_jack_midi -p- -- a2jmidid -e
sleep 1
echo "Starting j2amidi_bridge..."
screen -X -S audio screen -t jak_alsa_midi -p- -- j2amidi_bridge
sleep 1
echo "Starting jack_midi_clock..."
screen -X -S audio screen -t clock_source -p- -- jack_midi_clock
sleep 1
jack_connect "Jack MIDI Clock:midi_out" "j2a_bridge:playback"
echo "Starting Klick..."
screen -X -S audio screen -t metronome -p- -- klick -T 4/4 120
sleep 1
screen -r audio

   Something like that is supposed to go into Nama later on.
   Kind regards

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