[LAU] play glitchless loop?

Dan Muresan danmbox at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 17:53:25 UTC 2010

> my solution might be more than you need, but I believe that
> sooperlooper has a command-line only mode now.  it is a fantastic
> looper.

Agreed -- but yes, I was looking for a lightweight alternative. I
found one, but it's ugly:

(while true; do flac -dc --force-raw-format --endian=little
--sign=signed loop.flac; done) | play -t raw -L -b 24 -r 48k -e s -

where play is from sox. Raw output concatenates nicely. One mistake in
the switches sends the speakers screaming, of course.

I'm not sure how to send raw samples to jack yet.

-- Dan

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