[LAU] Polyphonic pitch detection

Jonathan Gazeley jonathan.gazeley at bristol.ac.uk
Sat Oct 30 11:25:18 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm looking for a tool that can analyse an MP3 file, and write out a 
polyphonic MIDI file - basically so I can have the sheet music. Can 
anyone name one?

Although this is a Linux list, I don't care what platform the tool runs 
on, since I will only use it once and then go away happy with my MIDI 
file :)

So far I only found a demo Windows program called intelliScore 
Polyphonic Demo. It's limited to the first 15 seconds but unfortunately 
it made such a terrible job that I don't feel inclined to purchase the 
full version.

The MP3 in question is "Vevey (Revisited)" by Yes, from their 1977 album 
"Going for the One". It's a simply constructed piece of music but the 
organ chords are really confusing me. I've tried to go through it and 
notate it manually, but I seem to be incapable of picking the notes out 
of the chords. Rick Wakeman is clearly a genius :)


So, if anyone can recommend some software that can help me here, I'd be 
very grateful. Alternatively, if anyone is willing to write it out for 
me (MIDI, PDF, or any other decent format) then I'll make it worth their 


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