[LAU] Patchage, QJackPatchbay, LASH, LADI, JackSnapshot, OR ?

Ivan Tarozzi itarozzi at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 21:37:06 UTC 2010

Il giorno sab, 30/10/2010 alle 20.44 +0200, fred ha scritto: 
> Hi list,
> After some years of tests and blank screens, feel ready to give a try to 
> professional use of Linux for music building !
> What needed before is this function to recall complex connections 
> between many applis in one click...
> Some listed in the subject of this mail should do that. What is YOUR 
> choice, and why ?
> Thanks for replies,
> Fred

Hi Fred!
I started to use LADISH 2 month ago, with jack2, on my debian squeeze.
Before I used Qjackpatchbay. I haven't try other solution, so my report
may be partial.

For me, the most important feature of LADISH is the ability to create a
Studio, defining apps to start and relevant jack connections. So, when I
load a studio it recall all applications and connections. In the next
release I think LADISH will save also position and workspace for

In my opinion, ladish lacks some features, but I hope the developers
will work on this... may be in the future I can able to help them.

Qjackctl Patchbay don't runs applications and don't reset active
connections (useful to switch from session to others). But I love the
creations of socket/plugs that permits to show, for example, all used
I/O system port

So, my report is:


== Pro ==
- simple to install and use
- can define socket/plug for only used port
- can define symbolic name for ports and apps

== Cons ==
- don't reset connections changing patch
- don't starts/stop applications, but only connections
- 2-panel gui may be limiting in complex situations


== Pro ==
- can run applications and connections
- graphical connections is intuitive (gladish)
- seems to be an alive project (but I also appreciate Rui Nuno Capela

== Cons ==
- in early stage, and not pkgs present for all distributions (but is
simple to compile)
- need to know command line invocation to add an applications to LADISH
- can't define alias for jack connections or subset of port like
patchbay (my be rooms feature solve this, but I have not investigated)
- all apps are supported (level 0) but better integration require
application compatibility
- some (rare in my experience) applications have some problems - es new
guitarix version (...)

My vote is for LADISH :)


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