[LAU] simpel audio editor for both linux and win xp

Remon Sijrier remon at traverso-daw.org
Wed Sep 1 08:45:39 UTC 2010

> Have you tried Traverso? Again, it is a multitracker but its designed
> with quick editing in mind and runs natively under XP and Leenooks.

Normalize is indeed a key press away ( N ), export: double press enter or 
click on the export button, to apply plugins you have to install an lv2 plugin 
that does comp / limiting yourself, they aren't shipped with Traverso.
No lv2 plugins on windows though, afaik lv2 on windows isn't possible ( ?)

Recording to mp3 isn't possible atm, export to mp3 works (if Traverso was 
compiled with mp3 encoding support which is not the default)



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