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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Thu Sep 2 06:47:07 UTC 2010

Hartmut Noack wrote:

> Atrocities and genocide are no inventions of the modern times: in 
> reverse! In modern times most cultures have learned to name things 
> atrocities, that were known as "perfectly normal" or even "heroic deeds" 
> in ancient times.

What Rome did to Carthage after conquering it would certainly be 
considered genocide by modern UN thought. Slaughter the population, 
enslave the few survivors, transport them away from their country. 
Demolish the city-state. Sow the soil with salt so it couldn't be used 
to supply food. Rome did not intend Carthage to ever rise again.

And the Roman general who destroyed Carthage was rewarded very highly.

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