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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Fri Sep 3 05:07:08 UTC 2010

Hartmut Noack wrote:
> Am 02.09.2010 08:47, schrieb david:
>> Hartmut Noack wrote:
>>> Atrocities and genocide are no inventions of the modern times: in
>>> reverse! In modern times most cultures have learned to name things
>>> atrocities, that were known as "perfectly normal" or even "heroic
>>> deeds" in ancient times.
>> What Rome did to Carthage after conquering it would certainly be
>> considered genocide by modern UN thought. Slaughter the population,
>> enslave the few survivors, transport them away from their country.
>> Demolish the city-state. Sow the soil with salt so it couldn't be used
>> to supply food. Rome did not intend Carthage to ever rise again.
>> And the Roman general who destroyed Carthage was rewarded very highly.
> He cited Homer in greek on the smoking ruins and he was given the name 
> Africanus to honor him.
> But the romans usually avoided genocide. They where out to conquer 
> peoples to make them pay taxes.

They usually were. But if they were really frightened of the other 
people, they wiped them out. Carthage was the biggest threat Rome faced 
until the massed non-Roman peoples around the decaying empire started 
moving in.

> There are many other candidates though, from the Saxons of the 4th 
> century to the Mongol storm of the 12th to the Nazis here in Germany in 
> the beginning of the 20ths century.
> All *before* mind-crushing popmusic with "subliminal messages" emerged 
> to drive everyone "mad with sex and violence".
> NO! Rock/pop music with all its wildness, its unpredictability and its 
> absence of formal written rules is a cultural sign for more humanity, 
> more freedom and more self-awareness.

I think there's a biochemichal/neurological contribution in today's 
times. Many many people struggle with impulse and anger control issues, 
violent impulses, etc. These are people born and raised in the 
very-polluted environment modern cities offer. Their nervous systems are 
loaded with accumulated lead and other heavy metals, exposure to toxic 
industrial chemicals, born to drug-abusing parents, etc. (Plus the 
generally-higher stress level that pervades modern culture.) So if 
you're a person with such problems - the "mad with sex and violence" 
music maybe exactly what appeals to you.

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