[LAU] RMLL2010 [Libre Software Meeting 2010] live-shows Ardour Sessions online

Aurelien tyranorl at free.fr
Fri Sep 3 13:52:00 UTC 2010


After the sources of all Sebkha-Chott's and Lemurya's albums, the AMMD,
being in charge of the lights, sound and stage management at the Libre
Software Meeting 2010 in Bordeaux - France, did record the whole shows
with ardour.
The sources (ardour-sessions) of three of those live-shows are available
online on archive.org[1][2][3].
The other live-shows will be put online as soon as we'll get the
authorization from the musicians.

[1] Enfants Terribles - HipHop / France
Band composition: vocals, samplers

[2] Lessazo - World Music / France
Band composition: bass, guitar (electro-acoustic and electric),
clarinet, flute, vocals (male and female), percussions (calebass),

[3] Sebkha-Chott - Abstract HipHop | Concrete Violence | Mekanik Metal
/ Ohreland
Band composition: soft synths (AMS), sampler (Tapeutape), bass, guitar,
drums, tubular bells, glockenspiel, saxophone, vocals



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