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On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 11:48 AM, Danni Coy <danni.coy at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1) Obviously Sound card and Monitors are most important. Beyond that it
> depends on the type of task. Softsynths will be typically be CPU limited,
> Multitrack recording Harddrive IO limited. I would perhaps look at this page
> for Ardour http://ardour.org/linux_system_requirements which basically
> says that any modern hardware will be fine.
> 2) Dual core should be fine, Quad cores will allow you to run more tasks at
> once. Currently it seems that intel have best low power options with the
> i3,i5,i7 series. AMD might be worth a lookin if you also want accerated
> graphics on a budget.
> 3) I built a system with the Antec P180 case about a 2 years ago. It worked
> quite well. There may be better options now.
> 4) Because I have a firewire based audio interface I have been going with
> Gigabyte Mainboards (TI firewire onboard).
> 5) Whatever you find a comfortable size to use. I have a 23 " in front of
> me at the moment and it seems a pretty good size to work with. If you also
> do a lot of photography or graphic design then I would look at either an
> IPIS or PVA based monitor IPIS monitors typically start at 1000 dollars.
> 6) Fans will largely depend on what else you end up doing. Larger fans
> typically make less noise.
Is it uberhaubt possible to have a low-power workhorse pc, to save energy?
Which components are especially important here?

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