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So while we *do* have impulses to behave in a very sexual way, or be 
violent, and those do indeed come from 'deep inside' and belong to the
unconscious in the Freudian sense, it is not those that are being 
manipulated, but in general it is the rationalisation process which
clearly does *not* belong the the unconscious - not even if many of our
rationalisations are in fact just excuses.

This also means that the responsability for accepting any product and
the rationalisation for doing so lies with those who do accept it. You
may think, and I agree, that trying to lure people into doing certain
things is not nice, but it is just an attempt - the final decision is
made by the target, not by the 'manipulator'. 

Interesting viewpoint.  How does this compare with the effect of a parent 
singing a lullaby to a screaming, non-vocabulary infant and immediately calming 
the infant?  Is the non-vocabulary infant making a conscious decision to stop 
crying, even though other internal and external stimuli may be present and it 
doesn't understand the vocabulary the parent is using?

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