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And harmony returns to the bitstream ...


Louigi Verona wrote:
> Man, this is EXACTLY what I am talking about. Exactly!
> On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 2:26 PM, david wrote:
>     Louigi Verona wrote:
>         I agree on a lot of what you say. I just believe that some
>         things are larger than what a person thinks of them. Being a
>         craftsman, having glory, even being aware of one's achievements
>         and getting a contract - I am absolutely not against those
>         things. I am just saying they should be in correct perspective.
>     I agree, keeping in mind that they're not mutually exclusive.
>         Today, I argue, many people put money and personality into too
>         much light.
>     Even in things that have no connection with art. Look at how many of
>     today's basketball players talk - you'd think that before they were
>     born, they'd given themselves their athletic abilities!
>         While a lot of those things should be kept personal, like
>         awareness of achievements, not be shown on TV in form of a show
>         where they show off houses and cars.
>     Or even a video channel that was founded to show music videos? (Yah,
>     I know, the real MTV died a long time ago!)
>     I think one should keep in mind that one use of the media is to tell
>     people, "Here is my work. Here is my renown." So if you're a
>     traveling musician and come into a town to play a concert, it's
>     certainly OK to be interviewed by the local radio station, maybe
>     play a few songs and sign some CDs at the local music store. One can
>     do all that without going overboard into ego and personality.
>     Well, easier for some than others! I can't quite picture Axl Rose or
>     Mick Jagger stuffing their egos and personalities into a sack before
>     going into the interview.
>     Here in Hawaii, we have a long tradition of Hawaiian music and chant
>     (not that tourist stuff!). At one place where I worked, there was an
>     older (70+) native Hawaiian man named Kawika whose job was to
>     distribute and pick up interoffice mail. Knew him for many years. He
>     was friendly, knew everyone in the large company, did his work,
>     never talked about himself.
>     One day someone else in the office asked if I'd heard that his song
>     had won a Hoku Award (Google it). I didn't even know he wrote music!
>     It turned out that he'd written many Hawaiian songs, and one he'd
>     written for his daughter that year had won the Hoku.
>     At the same place, for several years, the director of one of the
>     departments was Marlene Sai. I worked with her daily for two weeks
>     straight, documenting their department procedures, and never knew
>     this about her:
>     <http://www.hawaiianmusichistory.com/artists/marlene-sai.htm>
>     Another place where I worked, we had a part time worker, a native
>     Hawaiian man, who did messenger duties and light maintenance work at
>     various buildings the bank I worked for owned. Then someone asked if
>     I'd walked over to see his sculpture yet. He'd been commissioned to
>     make four Hawaiian sculptures in bronze for the lobby of a large new
>     high rise office building downtown! And had apparently been
>     sculpting for about 20 years. That was why he only worked part time!
>     He also didn't talk about himself or his sculpture.
>     Hawaiian culture is that way. You don't talk about your deeds, you
>     don't glorify yourself. You have glory when others talk about your
>     deeds. And you always have an attitude of gratitude for the
>     gifts/talents you have.

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