[LAU] Help with installing/building icecast/ices2 kh branch

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Tue Sep 7 09:50:06 UTC 2010

Hello everyone!
   I'm just now trying to build the kh branch of icecast and ices. I managed to 
build icecast2, but now I'm in trouble. There are several libs (directories in 
the kh branch:
   Unfortunately some directories (net, thread) don't contain a configure 
script. Perhaps they are just included with the other builds? When I try to 
compile libshout I get this error messag:
log/log.h no such file or directory.
   In icecast I had no timing handler, although I have gettimeofday. So I 
edited the sourcecode a bit. Not sure if this is the desireable way of doing 
it. :-)
   Could someone help me a bit? Some documentation on how to do it would be 
enough. but I didn't see any, only the svn link and the list of special 
features (like jack plugin for ices).
   Help-seekingly yours

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