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> Probably a good choice. Intel processors are able to handle more heat than
> the ones from AMD.

Thanks for the info, great!
How hard is it to  upgrade a processor later? I'm thinking of buying a i3
now, but like to be able to upgrade to a i7 later.

> Most motherboards usually works, but Intel is generally less tweakable,
> which could be important if you want a silent computer.

So then MSI or ASUS might be better. But is that working with the integrated

>  Power:
>> When it comes to a power supply I was thinking about Enermax PRO82+ 385W.
>> I
>> heard that brand is good...
> Yes, but also check out www.silentpcreview.com.

You have a PS without fan? Most PS I see have a fan inside (120mm)

> Bigger is more silent. bigger => colder => more silent.

That's why you have a midi tower and no mini tower I guess...

> Another (extremly important) factor to look out for is that the PSU is
> placed at the bottom of the case, and not anywhere near the CPU.
> Antec, fractal design and coolermaster are some manufacturers
> providing this design.

Thanks, I'll search for one.

> At notam we have also made this guide/recommendation list for building a
> silent computer:
> http://www.notam02.no/projects/index.php?title=Noiseless_PC

Great info, thanks
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