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Thu Sep 9 12:33:14 UTC 2010

actively pursue it not the ones who bury their heads in the sand and deny
anything needs to be done. In fact it's the core reason I spent a
considerable part of the past 11 years of my life to working on Linux and
Linux Audio. I'm good at finding and fixing bugs. There are millions of
other Linux people out there who have the same knack. We are being
directly affected by a large number of people with much less wholesome
agendas, bigger bank balances and more resources. But we still keep up the
pressure and in many ways are actually winning the "battle".

Like someone said earlier "Fighting for peace is like fucking for
chastity". I don't see any point in fighting the system or the powers that
be. It's clear they have all the weapons and motivation to win a physical
fight. IMO subverting a key tool that is used to maintain the system is a
reasonable use of ones time.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd.

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