[LAU] Demo: Soda P - Pent-Up

Jostein Chr. Andersen jostein at vait.se
Sun Sep 19 20:51:32 UTC 2010

söndag 19 september 2010 22.23.15 skrev  Jeremy Jongepier:
> Dear all,
> After convincing my other bandmembers to move to Linux because of all
> the time we lost figuring out how all that proprietary stuff works we
> did get a lot more productive.
> So here it is, the very first demo-track from our rehearsal room,
> completely recorded and mixed with Linux.
> http://linux.autostatic.com/temp/sodap-pentup(mixdown20100919).ogg

Very nice song, good tight playing, I really like it!


> - Jack1 with FFADO for our FireWire card
> - Ubuntu 9.10/10.04 (I still use 9.10 for various reasons)

Still using 9.10 is nothing to be ashame of, that probably means that you know 
your system and can put much more energy on the one thing that really matters: 
-the music. To always use the latest of everything steals to much time and 
changes the focus in the wrong direction IMHO - I do that by myself.

So if it works: don't fix it! :-)


> So shoot. Really, I'd appreciate any feedback so I can improve my
> recording and mixing skills (and eventually my mastering skills). We're
> a DIY band so if we could also do this very last thing ourselves we'd be
> thrilled.

Just a little more bass, more kick? ..and a little more body sound and snap 
from the snare would be nice. The snare do have a very nice body sound but it 
disappears when the rest of the instruments starts to play. A little (more?) 
compression on your drums might do the most of the job for you. But in that 
case you might turn the toms volume a little down.


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