[LAU] Demo: Soda P - Pent-Up

Jeremy Jongepier jeremy at autostatic.com
Mon Sep 20 08:02:54 UTC 2010

On 09/19/2010 10:51 PM, Jostein Chr. Andersen wrote:
> Very nice song, good tight playing, I really like it!


> Still using 9.10 is nothing to be ashame of, that probably means that you know 
> your system and can put much more energy on the one thing that really matters: 
> -the music. To always use the latest of everything steals to much time and 
> changes the focus in the wrong direction IMHO - I do that by myself.
> So if it works: don't fix it! :-)

Yeah it works very well. I just switch it on and I can record or create.
I do have a 10.04 partition on my main system but somehow I'm still
reluctant to switch because of the stability of my 9.10 install.

> Just a little more bass, more kick? ..and a little more body sound and snap 
> from the snare would be nice. The snare do have a very nice body sound but it 
> disappears when the rest of the instruments starts to play. A little (more?) 
> compression on your drums might do the most of the job for you. But in that 
> case you might turn the toms volume a little down.

More bass should be possible, but I think I'm already running into the
limits of my studio setup. I don't have a subwoofer and I'm told that
the studio monitors that I currently own are not that good for bass
without the matching subwoofer.
And because of the poor micing of the drums it will be hard to do
something about the kick and toms. We've used an AKG D112 for the kick
and apparently the placement of this mic can make a huge difference. I
fear we've placed it badly for this session. But I can try to play
around some more with compression. The snare has quite some compression.
The rest isn't compressed at all, only through JAMin. It wasn't our
drummer's own snare too, he had to borrow one for this session, and it
didn't sound as good as his own snare.



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