[LAU] Demo: Soda P - Pent-Up

Jeremy Jongepier jeremy at autostatic.com
Mon Sep 20 08:08:10 UTC 2010

On 09/19/2010 11:06 PM, Julien Claassen wrote:
> Hello Jeremy!
>   I just listened to the track and I must agree. It's nice and tight
> playing. And for a demo directly from the practise room, it sounds quite
> good. No pops, which happened in our practise room, although they had
> money to invest in that. :-) I think the vocals can use a little more
> boost, lest they drown in the instruments. But that's a minor thing.
>   Nice piece, do go on sharing with us.
>   Kindest regards
>          Julien

Thanks Julien! For me the vocals are already very loud, I've used quite
some compression because my voice tends to fluctuate a lot in volume.
And our practise room is pretty ok for recording, we recorded some songs
in the past with mobile studios and barely had to do something about the
acoustics. Biggest problem at the moment are ground loops, especially
with the vintage equipment I use.



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