[LAU] small devices for midi?

Alex Tinsley cvtrig at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 04:21:58 UTC 2010

  I agree with Josh.
However if you want a Hardware Sequencer that you can use in conjunction 
with or without an eeepc would be an old school Alesis MMT-8 or the 
Yamaha RY-30 drum machine. The MMT-8 can be used to trigger groups of 
sequences and the trigger pads like the RY-30 double as extra trigger 
pads. You can send them both MIDI song point trigger messages, etc, etc. 
If anyone remembers William Orbit's live shows in Orbital, these were 
all done on MMT-8's. If you can find one still working. And they're cheap.

With the price of older hardware at rock bottom, you've got some good 
options to sit next to a little DAW Linux PC.
And fit both of them on your RDX.

On 9/21/2010 9:10 PM, david wrote:
> Josh Lawrence wrote:
>> hey everyone!
>> long, uninteresting back story:  I've recently changed my residence,
>> and have very limited space.  my roland piano (rd-700sx) has extremely
>> limited space on the front panel.  it would be great/neat/fun to have
>> a very small device that I could set on my roland that I could
>> sequence on.
>> some hardware options:
>> yamaha qy100 - very small and cheap!
>> yamaha rm1x - very capable, expensive?
>> others?
>> now, maybe these hardware options aren't very interesting to linux
>> geeks, so I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, there is a small
>> device that supports linux that supports alsa/midi?
>> pandora?
>> gp32x?
>> beagleboard?
>> something else?
>> of all of these options, the pandora looks *amazing*, but from what
>> I've read you can't really get your hands on it.  so how about it
>> everyone?  any recommendations?
>> thanks list, I always appreciate your help!
> Asus EEEPC (7xx/901 - buy used on eBay)?

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