[LAU] Subject: Albums under a label recorded and/or mixed with Linux

Giorgio - Audiophilo anomalsound at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 20:43:13 UTC 2010

> Hi all,

just for curiosity

how many albums (if any) *under a record label*

have been recorded and/or mixed with Linux?

As a sound engineer I've made one this year. It's called "Please me" by
Cecilia Albertini (an italian actress and singer) and it has been released
under FunkyJuice records a small label based in Rome.
It has been recorded, edited, mixed and mastered wholly with free software
on Linux at Kubistudio (Milan, Italy).
You can find the album in the most popular stores like ITunes, Amazon, Play
and stuff like that.
I really have no idea if some other album made with Linux has been released
by a label.

Giorgio Baù
Sound engineer

giorgio at kubistudio.it
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