[LAU] [Jack-Devel] Jack apps recomendation.

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Sep 26 23:34:23 UTC 2010


Instead of bugging the jack-developers - this may be something for the
linux-audio-users email-list (CCed) http://lists.linuxaudio.org

On 09/27/10 00:58, detox.maestro at wp.pl wrote:
> Hi.
> Some time ago Jordan wrote about creating some list of good audio apps 
> which you can connect with jack.

The problem is "good" - "good" at/for what?

Otherwise there's pretty complete list at

> So regarding to this now I am sending this post.
> So my first recomendation would be zasfx or yoshimi, AMS, qsynth and 
> hydrogen - but only after all of them will have proper timing handle.
> And what soft-synths, samplers or sequencer you recommend to use with 
> jack?
> It should be stable and have proper midi and timing handle.
> And how about plugins and effects?
> How to connect lv2/ladspa/dssi with jack?

Easy, simply use a plugin-host that supports JACK.

There are commandline versions (eg. dssi-host-jack) as well as GUIs. The
most well known are ardour, qtractor and jack-rack.

But this is not really a question for a developer's list, is it?

> I'm not writing about vst/vsti because there was post about it earlier 
> how to use them.
> Is it possible to connect soft-synth and then connect it output with 
> lv2/ladspa plugin input?

sure. Note, however that some plugins introduce latency.

> And what about sf2?
> There are qsynth for example, but as you know it has also timing issue 
> which cause jitter.

You mean fluidsynth. qsynth is just a GUI.

As far as my MIDI keyboard playing & recording goes it has always been
good enough.

Of course there's some jitter and it's not perfect. But can you really
hear it, can you measure it? There are PPL playing it live on stage. Are
you sure it's not your setup?

There's been a long discussion in June on LAD titled "Midi-Jitter":

> Maybe you know some synth similar to qsynth with proper timing handle?
> Also AMS have timing issue - maybe do you know some similar synth like 
> AMS?

You did mention quite a few yourself above.
csound comes to mind.

As for a generic list of synths:

> Thanks in advance.


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