[LAU] Subject: Albums under a label recorded and/or mixed with Linux

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Tue Sep 28 14:33:58 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 28 September 2010 16:21:48 Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> I'm pretty sure that this is the reasoning behind going with the filter
> option. The resources are available even on a eeepc as Ken has reported so
> it is not really a big deal as jamin is intended for use post pro.

I don't actually remember Ken saying that he runs jamin on his eeepc. True, he 
is running an awful lot of software on there, but I doubt that he is adding 
10ms artificial delay from jamin to his live-setup...

> If you want to have it running during production then you should probably
> just get a very powerful machine or invest the time to correct the issues
> as near as possible to source.

Yes, a 1.8GHz turion64 running jack (3x1028 at 48kHz) and an ardour session with 
two stereo tracks, 4 plugins (SC4-compressor and an eq for each stereo) is to 
weak to also run jamin.

Please get a grip! I am not using jamin on an under-spec machine. And I am not 
mis-using it during mixing/recording of a >48-channels session either. I even 
stopped dreaming about using jamin for live-foh usage (because of the delay 
introduced by the filter).
All I am saying is that jamin takes up a good amount of resources for its 
processing. [*]
And I combined Fons' argument that the filter used is not a good implementation 
and probably not needed anyway with my idea of a simpler but equally useful 

Have fun,


[*] It would be uber-cool if one could switch off that analyzer-view to save 
processing cycles.
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