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Sun Sep 19 15:01:13 UTC 2010

it's 1.0.23 otherwise. Still, the issue could be related that I did not
install all of alsa-plugins but only ?!

Anyway the new jack-plug works (tested with skype, firefox/flash &
mplayer) for half a day.

For day-to-day usage I moved away from jack-plug a while ago and am
using snd_aloop with alsa_in/out - it's a bit more heavy on CPU usage
but much more robust.

One remaining issue with jack-plug that I don't have with snd_aloop is
that some clients (fi. firefox) do not close the audio-device.
If the client is still connected to alsa/jack-plug and I re-start jackd,
sound becomes unavailable until the client (here: firefox) is also


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