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Sun Sep 19 15:01:13 UTC 2010

> I can only presume it wasn't quite what Pete was after at the time
> otherwise we'd have some marketing machine going right there.

oh, they loved it. problem was that (a) they then went ahead and
bought soundscape as well, mostly for their hardware but it ended with
SSL having involvement (ownership, in one case) in two DAWs which made
no sense to anyone and (b) they didn't really have much of an idea of
what to do with an open source software "product" (no blame here - it
*is* a tricky question to answer for a company like that). Full
credits to Harrison here for actually coming up with a plan in that
area, but it doesn't change the fact that the answers are not obvious.

> Maybe we should have a separate LAU/LAD for those who prefer Collins
> Genesis? ;)

and a separate one for those us who have correctly diagnosed "seconds
out" as the best genesis album ever, but didn't like anything after
that except for "mama" and "the brazilian".

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