[LAU] Music Made with Linux: The Infinite Repeat - Money or Love (DJ AutoStatic Remix)

Jeremy Jongepier jeremy at autostatic.com
Mon Feb 21 00:25:08 UTC 2011

Dear all,

This is actually the very first track I made with Linux. Recently I 
listened to it again and felt this track deserved some more attention so 
I decided to remix it. Originally this track was made with LMMS and I 
recorded the vocals with Qtractor. I kept the vocals and parts of the 
drumsamples and I also stuck with the bass line for the verse and some 
of the effects.

So I loaded all the samples into Hydrogen, recorded all MIDI patterns 
with seq24 and inserted the plug-ins I wanted to reuse into Qtractor.

Well, that was my intention actually. I ended up rerecording guitar 
parts and added quite some extra samples. Also the number of synths 
steadily grew during the process, same for the amount of plug-ins I used.

This is what I came up with, just freshly ran through LinuxDSP's MBC2 
(it's an electro-ish track so I compressed the hell out of it):

Stuffs used:
* Yoshimi Analogue Bass running through a C* Pre-amp and the Crossover 
Distortion plug-in
* Yoshimi Dubstep (custom patch), I did the cut-off live with an Akai 
MPK Mini
* amSynth Synth Strings 1 patch
* SO-666 Feedback Drone LV2 plug-in (LOVE THIS ONE!!! Thanks for this 
plug-in Jeremy Salwen!!)
* WhySynth DragonPurr
* MDA Vocoder + Yoshimi Hard Synth
* All guitars (Fender Tele and OLP Music Man) done with Guitarix and the 
Redwirez IR Library (http://www.redwirez.com/free1960g12m25s.jsp?ref=home)
* Lots and lots of Calf Compressors and I think every track (about 20) 
has a different reverb plug-in (TAP, FreeVerb). I also used quite some 
Calf Vintage Delays for the guitars and the SO-666. And 2 or 3 Calf 
Phasers. Oh yeah, and the SC3 plug-in to duck the SO-666.
* Most drum samples are from the LMMS sample set, I decided to re-use 
those. The crashes are from the GSCW2 Hydrogen kit.
* Last but not least, I added a little Glockenspiel in the bridge. First 
I wanted to use the Glockenspiel of the SSO library but that specific 
set of samples is not so great so I drove to our rehearsal room to pick 
up our drummer's little Glockenspiel, mic-ed it with the first mic I 
could find (an AT2020) and got it on hdd within a few minutes.

Basically I used Qtractor as a mixer, Hydrogen to host the samples and 
seq24 for the MIDI patterns and automation of Qtractor. Works like a 
charm. Hope you like it. Feedback is always appreciated!



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