[LAU] Where should lv2core put lv2.h?

Chuck Martin v4o42wl02 at sneakemail.com
Fri Jun 24 21:32:39 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 10:19:15PM +0200, torbenh torbenh at gmx.de wrote:
> > 3. Untar lv2core, ./waf configure, ./waf, ./waf install it (the first one
> > should be fixed now)
> now run lv2config !!!

Hmmm...Does lv2config then create the lv2/lv2plug.in/ns/lv2core/
directory and copy lv2.h into it?  And since I'm creating a Slackware
package (a .tar.bz2 file that then untars the files into their final
destinations), would I need to run lv2config after untarring the
package (i.e., include it in a post-install script)?  Is it run without
arguments, or are there arguments required?

There doesn't seem to be any documentation on what lv2config is or does.
The only thing I can find is this from the INSTALL file: "The utility
lv2config builds standard LV2 style include directory trees, and is
necessary for compiling LV2 code."  That's rather vague, but I assumed
it was to be run when compiling an LV2 plugin, and would be part of the
build process for those plugins (and hopefully included in the automated
make, scons, waf, etc., build scripts).  There's nothing in the INSTALL
file that says anything about running it as part of the lv2core install


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