[LAU] wicked drum fills with Hydrogen

Eric Steinberg eric.steinberg at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 19:39:59 UTC 2011

I found a good workflow that somewhat alleviates the fact that Hydrogen wont
read a midi file...I bang out a part on keys or triggers, capture the notes
in keykit, then export a midi file and open it in Rosegarden driving
Hydrogen. Lets me quantize my hamfisted playing, too.
On Jun 25, 2011 12:34 PM, "Julien Claassen" <julien at c-lab.de> wrote:
> Hello Eric!
> As ever, each one has his/her own approach. :-) I suppose it works just as

> well, if you're used to it. :-) I just sit down and play it live from a
> keyboard, works just as well, only I come up against having only 10
> with two hands. :-)
> Kind regards
> Julien
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