[LAU] Gnome-shell | Unity41

Peder Hedlund peder at musikhuset.org
Mon Jun 27 12:53:39 UTC 2011

Quoting Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net>:

> There should be Linux audio apps, that need GTK2 libs.
> XFCE isn't a GNOME2 successor, at least not for me, since GNOME2 is my
> KDE3 successor. When will XFCE became an update that makes it  
> similar to Microsoft and
> Apple? How often should we switch the DE?

Come on. Random thoughts about differen't DE's aren't LAU material.
If you have to know when Xfce will be like MS/Apple (whatever that  
means), please ask that on the Xfce list.
If you fell like explaining to the world how your workflow looks like  
and how you switch between DE's, start a blog.

And no, Gnome2 and GTK2 are two different things. Somewhere in the  
future all GTK2 apps will ([probably] have to) be rewritten to use  
GTK3 but that has nothing to do with Gnome2/3.

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