[LAU] buying a new laptop

yvan volochine yvan.sc at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 2 12:52:16 UTC 2011

On 08/31/2011 08:47 AM, Atte André Jensen wrote:
> My laptop was dropped, and if it's beyond repair, I need a new one
> quickly. I would appreciate a few (preferrably hands-on experiences or)
> advices to this end, here are a few thoughts:
> I saw a secondhand ThinkPad X61s (dual-core 1.6Ghz, 3Gb ram, 12"
> display) from a well known online shop I trust and used many times
> (bought my current laptop there). There's 6 months warrenty, and my
> general impression with ThinkPads is that they have good build quality,
> it's the only laptop I would consider buying used. It has firewire so...

+1 for thinkpads.

after burning a T40 I got a secondhand x60 4 months ago and it's been 
doing great (running arch as well).

I use it for dev work, music studio and gigs. never got any problems 
with usb and fw soundcards.
it's sometimes a bit low on cpu but, for 200€ ... ;)


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