[LAU] can't get virmidi to work with 11.04 Natty

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Tue Sep 6 07:52:37 UTC 2011

Tony Austin wrote:
> I had virmidi working fine with 10.4 Lucid but since updating to 11.04 Natty
> I cannot make it work.
> [QUOTE]tony at ubuntu:~$ aconnect -o
> client 20: 'Virtual Raw MIDI 1-0' [type=kernel]
>     0 'VirMIDI 1-0     '

So the virmidi module itself is loaded and working.

> I can't find an install of for aseqview anywhere

I don't think that tool is usually packaged.
There's the command-line tool aseqdump.

> [IMG]http://www.wikiwhatever.com/aconnectgui-3.jpg[/IMG]
> 7. play the keyboard and there is no sound

This is not how virmidi is supposed to work.

The purpose of virmidi is to interface programs that use OSS raw MIDI
devices (/dev/midi*) with programs that use ALSA sequencer ports.
This means that anything sent to /dev/midi1 will be output from port
20:0, and anything sent to 20:0 can be read from /dev/midi1.

If you want to connect multiple ALSA sequencer ports, then
1) just connect them directly, or
2) load snd-seq-dummy and use the "Through" port.


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