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> Hi Jordan and welcome,
> On 09/11/2011 02:14 PM, Jordan Wade wrote:
> > Hello, I'm just getting started with creating electronic music in Linux
> > and I'm looking for a good sampler.  Specifically, I'm looking for a
> > sampler that will allow me to assign a sample to multiple keys AND
> > perform pitch-scaling without changing the duration of the sample.  I've
> > tried Specimen and Renoise (both great pieces of software) but neither
> > seems to automatically stretch/compress the duration of the sample to
> > compensate for the pitch shift.  I look forward to hearing your suggestions.
> Considering your preamble I would suggest having a look at Pure Data 
> (aka PD)... although it doesn't specifically do what you're asking it 
> would be easy to create a sampler with those characteristics (wouldn't 
> be surprised if it already existed) and of course much more, and as you 
> are getting into electronic music you'll find many situations where 
> you'll have to create your own 'tool' for the job. PD might easy this 
> task a lot, and IMHO is also great fun.
> Ciao,
> Lorenzo.
> >
> > Thanks!
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I think pointing somebody at PD who wants a sampler with timestretch is a little like telling somebody to learn ancient Greek because they want to know what the word Synthesis means... Although sure there are some externals for doing timestretch via different methods (granular, FFT etc) and if he knows the basis already may not be a bad idea.

Unfortunately I don't know anything that fulfils the requirements though. Best free library from timestretch I know of is the RubberBand one. This has been incorporated into a few programs, eq SuperLooper and QTracker, but don't think any of them allow yo to create and play instruments as it sounds like you want. As the library exists I guess we can hope LinuxSampler will consider incorporating it into their program in the not too distant future, especially if they see some requests, but would hold your breath.

There is StretchPlayer, using RubberBand to play single audio streams at different pitches, which may be a good basis for creating a sampler if you can code.

Or if Rubberband is too CPU intensive I believe Akaizer is less processor hungry but I may be wrong...

(While Renoise does not have any native timestretch at all it does have scripted tools for both RubberBand and Akaizer.) I believe both these will only work offline though, but it would be possible to create the note ranges as new samples and them create your instrument out of the extra samples. A lot more work and will then use a lot more RAM, as there is no DFD with Renoise, but may almost be an idea. But if you are going to create new samples for each key any sampler would do... But then again you could script Renoise to automatically create the new samples, rather than having to do it all manually.)

Regards and good luck. Dale.
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