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> On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 01:22:31PM +0000, Dale Powell wrote:
> > Unfortunately I don't know anything that fulfils the requirements though.
> > Best free library from timestretch I know of is the RubberBand one. This has
> > been incorporated into a few programs, eq SuperLooper and QTracker, but don't
> > think any of them allow yo to create and play instruments as it sounds like
> > you want. As the library exists I guess we can hope LinuxSampler will
> > consider incorporating it into their program in the not too distant future,
> > especially if they see some requests, but would hold your breath.
> > 
> LinuxSampler cannot use Rubber Band unless they change their license, since
> Rubber Band is GPL, and Linuxsampler's license is incompatible with GPL.
> They could of course try to convince the authors of Rubber Band to make an
> exception to their license instead.  I doubt either will happen.

They well do so as they offer cost based commercial licenced, so for a free but not FOSS software who knows what they'll say.

"The commercial edition is available for use in proprietary
software applications.  The standard licence is extremely flexible,
and a budget independent-developer licence is also available for
individuals working on low-cost applications.

With the
commercial edition you also obtain the source code with the right to
modify it if you desire, along with 12 months of updates. Optionally
at a small extra cost we can provide ready-to-use binary libraries for
Win32 and OS/X.

The commercial edition contains essentially the
same source code as the Free Software edition, but provides more
flexibility in build environment and library support, including
support for Intel Integrated Performance Primitives and Apple
Accelerate/vDSP frameworks as alternatives to FFTW and libsamplerate
(though you can also use these if you have commercial licenses for

For pricing and more details, please contact us."


Can be no harm in contacting them anyway, if it hasn't been done previously.

Or was the one mentioned by another poster (sorry forgot what it was called) also GPL only? Have to admit licensing isn't overly a strong point of mine...

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