[LAU] JACK clients at different period sizes

David dplist at free.fr
Wed Sep 14 23:05:44 UTC 2011

On Thu, 15 Sep 2011 00:48:39 +0200
Dominic Sacré <dominic.sacre at gmx.de> wrote:

> I have a medium-sized Ardour session with a couple of plugins on most 
> tracks, in which I'd like to record some additional tracks. Due to
> the number of tracks and plugins, it's not possible to run
> Ardour/JACK at very low latencies.
> The same machine (and the same sound cards) is also used for
> monitoring for the whole band, using a huge instance of JackMix. This
> needs to be run with as little latency as possible (128 frames per
> period, tops).
> How can I solve this dilemma? Ardour's latency doesn't really matter
> to me, as long as newly recorded regions are properly aligned with
> existing material.

Bounce a temporary mix of your already recorded tracks and temporarily
inactivate those tracks (Track menu or right-click menu on the strip) to
make room for the new ones. Use the bounce as the only track playing and
active while you record the rest. Maybe this will save enough
horsepower so that your system deals with the load. At mix time, relax
the latency constraint and reactivate all the tracks.

HTH, have fun.

-- David

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