[LAU] OT: printers

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Thu Sep 15 01:35:41 UTC 2011

I don't need to print often, and when I do, I just go into Office Depot and use their printers (11 cents per page, not bad). But lately I've been thinking it'd be convenient to have a printer sometimes.

So when I was last in Office Depot, I walked over to the printer section and started looking around. And the sales guy came up and asked me if he could help.

I said "I'm just looking for a printer that doesn't suck, and where the cost of the ink cartridges isn't more than the printer costs".

And the sales guy said, "Well, if you invent one, let me know". And a customer who was standing behind me turned around and said, "Yeah, let me know too!"

That said. Is there no-one who will rid the world of printers that suck, and whose cartridges cost more than the printer?

Does such a mythical beast as an affordable, reliable printer whose cartridges don't cost more than the printer, really not exist?

(Also, works with CUPS on Linux, in such a way that it actually presents useful ERROR MESSAGES, instead of just unhelpfully blinking a light over and over with no details as to what exactly is wrong?)

I figured I'd ask this group.


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