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Fri Sep 16 03:02:58 UTC 2011

On 9/15/11, Luke Peterson <luke.peterson at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 6:25 AM, immanuel litzroth <ilitzroth at gmail.com>
>  wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 12:12 PM, <maex at firstfloor.org> wrote:
>>> is this now, a how to equip my computer list?
>>>  No, we eventually plan to use the printers to make music -- bear with
>>> us.
>> Immanuel
> In that case, dot matrix is your best bet:
> http://youtu.be/Ht96HJ01SE4
> Rock Lobster and The Beautiful People, covered by robots of the same user's
> creation, are musically cleaner, but this is the best demonstration of the
> dot matrix "vocalist."
> -----
> Luke Peterson
Someone I knew years back had upgraded their printer & gave me an HP
LazerJet 5L. Handy when I need a print out (which isn't often - never
had to replace the cartridge.)

But for sound, the dot matrix is in the pocket. [the user] created
Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers near the end of the last century .
Just revisited after not hearing it for a long time - still sounds
excellent. Originally I think, 14 or so different dot matrix printers
were used, connected to an assortment of old computers all routed to a
file server.

You can get a feel from this (c. 13MB):

Googling, it seems they dusted things off & performed again last year:


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