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> Get a second hand printer with cartridges that don't include the
> nozzles.
> The printer I'm using currently has cartridges with the nozzles
> included, but I found a good imitation with good ink for my HP DeskJet
> 600. It's a printer without colour and with low quality, but Gutenprint
> improves the quality significantly.
> I've got a ribbon printer, unfortunately I can't get ribbons anymore.
> For many usages this ribbon printer would be my first choice. Not only
> because of the less costs, I'm also missing listing paper for some
> usages and this printer could use 'normal' paper and listing paper.
> This ink cartridge issue is caused by criminal companies, we should burn
> their factories down and lynch the management and marketing.

But if we did that, no one could make the cartridges anymore ... ;-)

> There are a lot of replies to your request, I don't read them, perhaps
> somebody mentioned a printer that has got it's own nozzles?

If I recall correctly, Canon inkjets have the nozzles in the print head, 
and the only parts you change are the ink reservoirs. I thought Epson 
worked the same way, but haven't checked in a long while.

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