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Monty Montgomery xiphmont at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 10:14:40 UTC 2011

> That's HP inkjets for you. My in-laws initially had an HP inkjet, thinking
> they'd need to print in color for my brother-in-law's business. Turned out
> they almost never needed to print in color. So one day one of the color
> cartridges dried out and it wouldn't print anything anymore. They contacted
> HP support, and HP told them that the only thing they could do was replace
> the dried out color cartridge.
> The next day they went down and bought a Brother laser printer, threw the
> inkjet in the trash, and have never looked at another HP printer again.

Though I'd agree HP hasn't made anything worth buying recently, I'm
still happy with (and still using on a daily basis) my HP Business
Inkjet from 2001.  I sent Ken a picture of the ink tanks I grafted on
(it's a model that had cartridges originally, but had the same
internal pump-driven pressure feed as the bigger commercial inket
models, so you can route tubing in).  I refill it with a liter of ink
every few months for ~$10.  The color ink isn't any more expensive
than the black and it will print on *anything*.


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